Product details

1. Two control methods of mobile phone APP and RF remote control;

2. The 8-channel output is 8 independent signals, and the 8-channel channels can be independently controlled, grouped, and unified;

3. Innovative scene application method, and the scene can be looped;

4. Built-in 4 triggers, 10 groups of channel groups can be added, and the channels can be combined arbitrarily;

5. Built-in 40 classic dynamic effects, color, effect length, direction, speed, brightness can be set; that is, an effect mode can be set to a combination of multiple colors, effect lengths, etc.; clever use of effect length can also achieve basic layout operate.

6. For static colors, you can enter the color code value to accurately locate the required color value;

7. Two audio input methods with high-sensitivity microphone and audio socket onboard, suitable for a variety of applications;

8. When the APP starts, it will automatically connect to the device and accidentally reconnect the device, allowing users to maximize the intelligence and stability of the connection; and multiple devices can also be controlled in groups;